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Intellectual Property Policy

1. Goodbye Bread's Role

Goodbye Bread is a fashion platform (marketplace) comprised of individual third-party suppliers who are responsible for their inventory, shipments, and complying with the applicable laws. We provide a platform, but Goodbye Bread does not manufacture goods, hold inventory, or ship items on behalf of our suppliers. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring they have all necessary rights to their content and products sold and that they are not infringing or violating any third party’s rights. Goodbye Bread can’t speak on behalf of intellectual property owners, nor is Goodbye Bread in a position to offer legal advice or make legal determinations whether a supplier’s content infringes someone else’s intellectual property.

2. Notices of Intellectual Property Infringement

Goodbye Bread strives to respond quickly when we receive proper notice of intellectual property infringement by removing or disabling access to the allegedly infringing material.  If a supplier is selling products that infringe on the rights of third parties, we may immediately suspend their account and destroy any inauthentic products in our fulfillment centers.

When Goodbye Bread removes or disables access in response to a notice, Goodbye Bread makes a reasonable attempt to contact the affected member, provide information about the notice and removal, and, in cases of alleged copyright infringement, provide information about how to submit a counter notice. Goodbye Bread may also provide a copy of the infringement notice, including the name and email address of the reporting party, to the affected member.

Please use the information below to provide notice of claimed infringement to Goodbye Bread’s Designated Agent under the DMCA and for other intellectual property claims.

Goodbye Bread Inc

3500 South Dupont Highway

Dover, DE 19901

United States


Goodbye Bread may request additional information before processing a notice, such as identity verification of the reporting party or documentation regarding the claimed right. Goodbye Bread may reject notices or counter notices that contain information we believe is false, fraudulent, incomplete, or otherwise submitted in bad faith. Goodbye Bread also reserves the right to take action against abusers of this policy.

3. Notice Withdrawals

Goodbye Bread only accepts withdrawals of infringement notices directly from the intellectual property owner or authorised representative who submitted the claim. The withdrawal must clearly state that it is a formal withdrawal and sufficiently identify the member and/or material (such as by providing the username, shop name, and Goodbye Bread listing URLs).

Once Goodbye Bread receives a formal withdrawal of a notice of infringement, Goodbye Bread makes reasonable attempts to contact both parties involved to confirm receipt from the party submitting the withdrawal and to inform the member affected by the withdrawal. Please note that infringement matters are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and withdrawals do not guarantee changes to a member's shop status.